Voluntary Exclusion Program

Frequently asked questions about Voluntary Exclusion

This program offers individuals the ability to ban themselves from a casino facility for one year, five years or their lifetime.  If you want to enroll, you will be asked to complete the Request for Voluntary Exclusion form in the presence of a trained staff member of the Ohio Casino Control Commission.  Once the request is validated, you are not permitted access to any Ohio casino facility during the length of the self-imposed ban.

The Voluntary Exclusion Program demands the following: 

  • A participant agrees to refrain from entering a casino facility.
  • The participant’s name shall be included on a list of persons excluded from all casino facilities.
  • The participants and their personal information is confidential.
  • The casino operator is required to make all reasonable attempts to stop all direct marketing efforts to participants.
  • A casino operator will not cash a check or extend credit to a program participant.

There are consequences if you enroll and do enter a casino. You can be charged with trespassing and you will be forced to forfeit any winnings owed by the casino, or thing of value converted or attempted to convert into a wagering instrument.

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