Casino Responsible Gaming Plans

Casino owners and operators are required to create, update and maintain Responsible Gaming Plans. Promoting responsible gaming establishes standards to address problem gambling, underage gambling, improper use of alcohol, responsible marketing and advertising and the prevention of gambling by minors. Each casino is required to prominently display the Problem Gambling Helpline number on all collateral materials, player cards and ATM machines on property. The helpline number must also appear in all print, broadcast and electronic advertising and marketing. All promotional materials are reviewed and approved by the Commission’s Division of Responsible Gambling to ensure the problem gambling message is consistent.

A variety of approaches are utilized by casino operators to promote responsible gaming including employee training programs, customer awareness campaigns, self-exclusion and financial restriction programs, written procedures for recognizing and managing these issues, and ongoing monitoring and review to gauge the effectiveness of these programs. All of the Ohio casino operators have established a set of policies and guidelines that have been approved by the Commission. In addition, operators provide self-restriction options for individuals not enrolled in Ohio’s Voluntary Exclusion Program.

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