Bill Prohibiting Structuring In Casinos Signed Into Law

Bill Prohibiting Structuring In Casinos Signed Into Law
A bill giving the Commission new tools to help keep organized crime out of Ohio casinos was signed into law today by Ohio Governor John Kasich. Senate Bill 141 makes structuring transactions at a casino a fifth-degree felony for a first offense and a fourth-degree felony on subsequent offenses.

Structuring - attempting to manipulate and avoid federal and state reporting requirements involving transactions of more than $10,000 - is an often-used method of money laundering and can also be indicative of other criminal activity such as drug trafficking. While penalties currently exist at the federal level for structuring  transactions, Ohio is one of the first states in the nation to criminalize this type of activity at the state level.

Senate Bill 141 was sponsored by Senators Larry Obhof and Jim Hughes.



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