Convicted Cheater Added to Ohio's Involuntary Exclusion List

Members of the Ohio Casino Control Commission today voted to place Ellis Quinn of Memphis, Tennessee on Ohio’s Involuntary Exclusion List. Those on the list are prohibited from entering any casino facility in Ohio.


Quinn was observed pastposting bets while playing craps at the Hollywood Casino Toledo in March of this year. He was convicted in June of one count of casino cheating and sentenced to one year in prison. In addition, Quinn is currently facing 11 felony charges of casino cheating after he allegedly engaged in similar behavior at the Hollywood Casino Columbus. Quinn has also been convicted of casino cheating in Missouri and placed on that state’s Involuntary Exclusion List.

“Mr. Quinn’s actions show a total disregard for the gaming laws of not just Ohio, but those of other states as well,” said Jo Ann Davidson, Chair of the Ohio Casino Control Commission. “His presence in a casino poses a threat to the integrity of casino gaming in Ohio and warrants his placement on the Involuntary Exclusion List.”

Quinn is the 10th individual to be placed on the Involuntary Exclusion List. More information about the list can be found here.



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