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Oversight of skill-based amusement machines (SBAMs) was granted to the Ohio Casino Control Commission as part of the Casino Control Law passed in 2010. This authority was further detailed by the Ohio General Assembly in 2015, when the Commission was given jurisdiction over all persons conducting or participating in SBAM operations – including the ability to license, regulate and penalize in a manner consistent with the Commission’s responsibilities regarding casino gaming.

Important Information Regarding Registration
Effective April 23, 2018 until July 22, 2018, all Type-B operators, Type-C operators, and vendors conducting or participating in conducting skill-based amusement machine (SBAM) gaming may register with the Commission. Registered operators and vendors may continue to conduct SBAM operations in Ohio provided they also submit an application for licensure no later than August 21, 2018. Registration remains effective until the Commission renders a final determination on the operator’s or vendor’s application for licensure.

Operators and Vendors can register using the eLicense portal. Individuals who encounter trouble accessing eLicense or have other technical difficulties can call 855-405-5514 for assistance.

After July 22, all key employees, type-B operators, type-C operators, vendors, and type-C locations must be licensed by the Commission prior to conducting or participating in SBAM gaming in Ohio.

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