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Licensed Entities

Article XV, Section (6)(C)(4) of the Ohio Constitution created the Ohio Casino Control Commission (“Commission”) to ensure the integrity of casino gaming by, among other things, licensing and regulating all gaming authorized by Article XV, Section (6)(C) of the Ohio Constitution.

Gaming-Related Vendors
Ohio Revised Code 3772 prohibits any gaming-related vendor from conducting or participating in
conducting casino gaming without first being licensed by the Commission.  Gaming-related vendors are required to establish their suitability by clear and convincing evidence through the submission of the Gaming-Related Vendors Application

After the Commission determines that the applicant is suitable for licensure, the Commission is authorized to issue a gaming-related vendor license.  Approval for licensure does not restrict or limit the Commission’s future exercise of authority and discretion with respect to imposing additional conditions or taking further action upon a licensee.

For a current list of gaming-related vendors authorized to sell or lease, and to contract to sell or lease, equipment and supplies to any licensee involved in the ownership or management of a casino facility, open the following link: Licensed Gaming-Related Vendors in Ohio.

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