John S. Steinhauer

John S. Steinhauer

Education: Cuyahoga Falls High School; The Ohio State University (B.A., B.S., JD); The University of Akron (Honorary L.L.D.)

Attorney at Law: Admitted in Ohio and the District of Columbia

Legal Practice: Mergers and Acquisitions; Corporate; Finance; and Real Estate Law; Specializing in managing complex interstate and multiple-jurisdiction litigation; labor; administrative agencies; regulatory matters; and business transactions

Governmental: Ohio General Assembly -Legislative Reference Bureau; City of Columbus -Assistant City Attorney and Assistant Prosecutor; Ohio Attorney General-Special Counsel; The University of Akron -Trustee, Vice-Chairman, Chairman; The University of Akron Foundation -Trustee, member, Executive Committee

Business: Real Estate (land development; multi-family; apartments; office; industrial; commercial); Savings & Loan; Manufacturing; Oil and Gas; Education; Radio

Charitable: Trustee, Officer of numerous charitable and service organizations

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